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ChildTime has been established in Santa Barbara since 1985. Most of the Nannies we send out to work are Permanent Nannies in the community with our clients. We realize most people have some anxiety about leaving their child with a Nanny they are not familiar with.

We want to assure you your Nanny is no stranger to us. Any Nanny that we refer has been hand selected. Not only do we know them well, they have a complete file established in our office.

Our files include the following on each Nanny: Background and experience information, Copies of DMV Record, Drivers License, Social Security Number, CPR Certification for infant/child.

We do require that a Medical Waiver and Release Form be signed prior to service. At that time please brief the Nanny on any special instructions or concerns that you feel would make you or your child more comfortable. For residential service and most hotels, our rates are $18 per hour for 1-2 children and $20 per hour for 3 children. We have a 3:1 ratio (more than 3 children will require another Nanny). For infants 1 year and under, a 1:1 ratio is required for service. The Santa Barbara Four Seasons Biltmore has a maximum 2:1 ratio which supercedes our general policy. Holiday rates are slightly higher.

The above rates do not apply to the Santa Barbara Four Seasons Biltmore, the Bacara Resort and Spa and the San Ysidro Ranch. Please contact the concierge directly at these resorts to schedule our service.

For all other hotel and residential service requests, please call us at (805) 729-5460.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 24 hr. cancellation policy. Any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will automatically require a 3 hour minimum payment to the scheduled nanny. Service locations out of the city of Santa Barbara including the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa as well as Westlake Inn requires a flat travel expense of $20.00. Some hotels are subject to a parking expense of $10.

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